Shaky Knees Festival, Atlanta | May 10, 2014

By all accounts, The Mats killed it at Shaky Knees, playing to a rabidly enthusiastic crowd. Billie Joe Armstrong joined the band for most of the set, just for fun this time, Paul was up and on his feet for the show. American Songwriter reviewed the show and said: “All those rave reviews of Replacements shows on the internet are more than just praise from diehard fans, the Mats are legitimately one of the best touring acts around this year….If you attend one show this summer, make it this one.” OK!

The set included a cover of “Judy is a Punk” and what I think is the first time “Swingin’ Party” has been played at a reunion show, what a welcome addition to the rotation. It also included a quick kiss between Paul and Tommy during “Kiss Me on The Bus”.
Kissing in action at Shaky Knees

The BOY video is one of the best from any of the reunion shows to date.

Bastards of Young

Swingin’ Party

2nd Annual Shaky Knees Music Festival - Day 2

Photo by Chris McKay/Getty Images

Mats at Shaky Knees

Photo by Perry Julien


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