RiotFest Denver | September 21, 2013

That picture tells a story, don’t it? (photo credit Shecky Kim) I made the trip to Denver (actually, May Farms in Byers, 40 miles east of Denver) and nothing quite prepared me for the venue – a massive expanse of flat, dry, dusty land. Hot when the sun was out, and COLD as soon as it set. Unspeakable port-a-potties. Ungodly lines for food and beverages. By the time the Mats came on … Read more →

RiotFest Chicago | September 15, 2013

The weather was a little frightful, as you can see from the gloomy view of soundcheck above. But a little (or a lot) of rain is not going to be an obstacle for folks who waited 22 years to see The Replacements play Chicago again. And the rainy weekend finally let up during the Mat set. This show got a lot of press as well, but you really only need … Read more →

“Simple or Impossible”: PW On Songwriting

Crackle & Drag lyrics

Paul wrote a piece on songwriting for The New York Time Opinion section, entitled “Simple or Impossible”: Quick rules of thumb: -Not from the hippocampus, not gonna fly on campus. -Aim for the audience’s pockets and you’ll miss their hearts by a mile. -Even Beethoven plagiarized Handel. My own creed is “It’s simple or impossible.” To date I’ve written more than 1,000 impossibles. Note that I didn’t say “impossibilities” — … Read more →