Summer’s End Festival | Sept. 27, 2014

Replacements in Tempe 2014

The Mats played the Summer Ends Festival in Tempe on Saturday night, sort of. The festival was scheduled for outdoors but the area was hit by a major rain storm and the venue was shut down Saturday afternoon by the city. Kudos to the festival organizers and bands for coming up with a Plan B because what a plan it was! The festival, with a reduced number of bands, was … Read more →

Forest Hills Stadium, Queens | September 19, 2014

I doubt I can give Friday night’s Forest Hills show the type of description it deserves but I will do my best but here’s an expert opinion on how great it was: Replacements show in NY last night was my favorite so far in the last year of gigs. — Josh Freese (@joshfreese) September 20, 2014 It was utterly thrilling and at times completely surreal to be in a … Read more →

Midway Stadium, St. Paul | September 13, 2014

By every account, the Mats show at Midway Stadium in St. Paul last night was an overwhelmingly success, to the say the least. Everything I have heard, seen or read about the show has been an absolute rave review (exception: Super long lines for merchandise). This review by Chris Riemenschneider seems to capture the spirit of the night best (i.e. will make you weep that you were not there to … Read more →

The Tonight Show 9/9/2014: The Replacements Return to NBC

The Replacements appeared on The Tonight Show last night, a show also included Keith Richards as a guest. The mind reels! The band’s last appearance on NBC was in 1986, after which they were reportedly banned from SNL because of their drunken antics. You can read all about history of The Mats, NBC and Keith Richards at “Yer doin’ great (a muzak clickclack)”: “Everything you need to get excited about … Read more →

Boston Calling | September 7, 2014

Paul westerberg boston calling

The Mats dodged a bullet playing on Sunday because the venue (which is an outdoor plaza in downtown Boston) was evacuated Saturday night due to severe thunderstorms and lightening and a few acts got bumped. Weather was not a factor on Sunday, thankfully. Here’s the set list, which kicked off with “Favorite Thing”. Time was quite tight, I think this may have been the shortest set to date at just … Read more →