Walgreen’s Thanksgiving Interview 2010

This is worth re-posting every Thanksgiving. From “The Chicagoist” (TV Reporter Doesn’t Realize She’s Interviewing Paul Westerberg): Aaron Goodyear, who filmed it, writes, “On Thanksgiving Day in 2010 we randomly ran into Paul Westerberg of The Replacements who was doing some early Christmas shopping at a South Minneapolis Walgreens. Reporter Liz Collin had no idea who he was and Paul was having some fun with her.” The clip was on … Read more →

Magnet Interviews Paul | August 2002

paul westerberg magnet

Interviews with Paul have been rare in the past decade, so in lieu of  posting a new one, here’s one of the best interviews he’s done post-Mats. This interview is from Magnet Magazine in August 2002, when Paul was doing his solo tour. A few choice quotes: When he was 17, the neighborhood stoner dude with the awesome stereo system and ultra-hip record collection turned him on to the Sex Pistols. … Read more →

Replacements @ Wooly Mammoth Sound

paul westerberg harmonica

This image was posted by Josh Freese in the wee hours last night: “Westerberg on harmonica. Crackers w/hot sauce for dinner. Cigarettes for dessert.” Crackers and cigarettes, a lousy dinner. Turns out the band was at Wooly Mammoth Sound in Boston, the recording studio owned by Dave Minehan. That can’t be anything but good news! … Read more →

Replacements Reunion DVD “Likely”!

“Is the Replacements’ 2014 reunion making up for a career of meager paydays?” asks MinnPost in a story (including some quotes from Darren Hill) about the potential revenue from the reunion. How much money is the reunion raking in? Was the Replacements’ September concert at Midway Stadium the most lucrative venture the band ever engaged in? “That’s confidential,” says Hill. MinnPost estimated ticket sales alone for the Midway show grossed … Read more →

Austin City Limits | October 12, 2014

  As you can tell from the picture, ACL weekend 2 was a bit of a hootenanny. If you click on the picture, you’ll see those are genuine Hee-Haw overalls, worn sans shirt. And while reclining on a hammock. The hijinks might be a bit in response to what was reported to be a crowd that was weighted towards Pearl Jam fans who had staked out spots early (PJ followed … Read more →