Dry Wood Garage: Two For Saturday

dead sick of paul westerberg

It’s Two For Saturday at the Dry Wood Garage, with two new songs posted! First up is a PW original, “Dead Sick Of” and that’s ‘backed with’ a cover of Hank Williams’ “Someday You’ll Call My Name” (includes artwork of a gorgeous doggo, 14/10, would boop.) New PW selfie added to the Garage, which now includes an Ahhht section.   … Read more →

New Song Posted: “Feelin’ Good”

Another song added to the Dry Wood Garage! Today’s new tune is “Feelin’ Good”.   Alternate artwork makes the message clearer: “Many thanks to John Woodland for recording Tim O’Reagan BV & Keely Lane Drum” Slicing Up Eyeballs aptly nails the key descriptor of this song – twang! Listen: Paul Westerberg’s ‘Feelin’ Good’ on twangy new song — 3rd from mystery project For the third Saturday in a row, Paul … Read more →

The Replacements For Sale: Live at Maxwell’s 1986

The “Coming soon” news from The Replacements is here and it’s spectacular! Replacements Unearth 1986 Concert for ‘Live at Maxwell’s’ (Rolling Stone) First proper Replacements live album from 1986 coming out in October (Star-Tribune) When asked in 2007 why the Replacements had yet to release a proper live album, bassist Tommy Stinson told his hometown newspaper, “There are no good Replacements live recordings.” Rhino Records finally hopes to prove Stinson … Read more →

Replacements News is “Coming Soon”

In addition to the surprise of new music from Paul, there’s also some kind of Replacements news on the way, or so it seems. While the Mats do have social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), posts are few and far between. This was posted on Twitter and Facebook last week: Coming soon… pic.twitter.com/X8hhyGEJuS — The Replacements (@TheReplacements) July 13, 2017 What could it be? In an article on Paul’s new … Read more →