“Live At Maxwell’s” Sweet Promo Goodies

Caveat: I can’t tell you how to get your hands on this stuff – but it’s too cool not to share. Bob Mehr and Rhino Marketing Guy Jason Reynolds have both posted some truly covetable stuff on Instagram (those matches!) Got a light??? Here's a peek at more of the cool marketing goodies Rhino's Jason Reynolds has come up with for The Replacements "Live at Maxwell's 1986" – available for … Read more →

Preview 6 Tracks From “For Sale: Live at Maxwell’s”

We are closing in the October 6 release of “For Sale: Live At Maxwell’s 1986” and to whet our appetites, Rhino has released some preview tracks and they sound GOOD and I can’t hardly wait for the whole thing! Enjoy and pre-order your copy today! FOR SALE: LIVE AT MAXWELL’S 1986 Disc One “Hayday” “Color Me Impressed” “Dose Of Thunder” “Fox On The Run” “Hold My Life” “I Will Dare” … Read more →

“September”: New Tune Streaming

paul westerberg wolfman

Paul faked us (me) out with a mid-week post of a new* tune, this one streaming for free. “New*” because, while it’s newly released, it’s a song Paul played live at the Pantages in 2004 and at the First Act Guitar Studio show in 2005 (see setlist). The artwork for the track is great – and so is the track itself, a gorgeous ballad. Paul also posted a new picture … Read more →

New Song + A Video Teaser: “Mrs. Beethoven”

If it’s Saturday, then it’s time for a new PW song and today we have “Mrs. Beethoven”, which I’ll let Bob Mehr describe to you: New music also means new artwork, of course! The video teaser is just a short clip of Paul talking, I won’t spoil it for you, but here’s hoping it means there’s a performance video in our future. Grabbed a still from it. … Read more →

New Tune: “Country Boy” + Dry Wood Garage Now on Bandcamp

westerberg search

New tune for the long weekend: “Country Boy”. This one is available on Bandcamp, rather than Nimbit. The previous two releases, “Surrounded by Morons” and “What the Gym Couldn’t Do” are also now available on Bandcamp, so if you ran into problems trying to purchase them previously, try again! Fun artwork for “Country Boy” – a screenshot of an Apple Music search 😎 Dry Wood Garage has some new art work … Read more →