This site began on AOL in 1995 at members.aol.com/paulspage – the olden days of the Internet. It’s hard to believe that the site is closing in on its 20th anniversary year. It’s gone through a few iterations since 1995, most recently with a re-design in 2015. Email me for questions about the site or if you have some bit of news you’d like to share.

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If you are new to Paul Westerberg’s music, the A.V. Club’s Primer is a great place to start:
A Beginner’s Guide to Paul Westerberg and The Replacements

This is not Paul’s ‘official’ web site, it’s a fan-run site. Paul doesn’t have an official website, but The Replacements do (it says so right in the name!): thereplacementsofficial.com

If you have an inquiry for Paul, here is the contact info for his management:
Darren Hill
Ten Pin Management
165 Cedar Avenue
East Greenwich, RI 02818