AOL Chat: May 5, 1996

Paul’s one and only public foray into cyberspace was during the promotion for “Eventually” – an AOL Chat on May 5, 1996 sponsored by MuchMusic.
paul westerberg online chat

The first question is left out of the transcript but we’ll guess it was “Where did the name ‘Replacements’ come from?”.

PWestrbg: The impediments was our name of our 1st performance – which we were asked to leave b4 we played one note – and the owner threatened tpo blacklist us for being unruly …& intoxicated …. so we changed the name the next day.

Question: How old were you when you began playing guitar?
PWestrbg: 13.

Question: Did you write all the songs for the Replacements?
PWestrbg: pretty much, yes.

Question: Do you agree that “Let it Be” was a critical turning point in the Replacement’s career?
PWestrbg: it was our finest record with the original line up.

Question: What advice would you offer young people hoping for success in the music industry?

Question: How is “Eventually” doing?
PWestrbg: fine.

Question: Why did your music change? Was it due to natural maturing?
PWestrbg: I’m not sure that it has. just as I’ve changed my clothes today doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ve changed inside.

Question: What inspired the songs you wrote?
PWestrbg: women & nature.

Question: What type of guitar do you prefer?
PWestrbg: wooden.

Question: Did you make a video for “Eventually”?
PWestrbg: no, obviously not.

Question: How old are you. Are you married and do you have a family?
PWestrbg: 36, sorta but not really.

Question: Why are drugs so common in the music business?
PWestrbg: they’re common everywhere. it depends where your attention is focused…Sports, for instance.

Question: What do you think of the Goo Goo Dolls??? (I know, I know… you’ve been asked HOW MANY TIMES??)
PWestrbg: to quote my friend Steve Lillywhite…”I think they’re quite good.”

Question: Will you be traveling to promote your new album?
PWestrbg: no, I’m at home in my room now & I shant ever leave it.

AOLiveMC11: Paul Westerberg is answering YOUR questions!

Question: I haven’t heard new album yet? What are some of the songs and did
you write them?
PWestrbg: next.

Question: What station &show is Paul on right now?
PWestrbg: MuchMusic in Canada

Question: Dear Paul, You’ve always seemed rather ambivalent about success.
What are your feelings these days about the possibility of being a “big hit?”
PWestrbg: I’m a big hit with my mom.

Question: Will you be touring? Coming to Boston? If yes to both, who’s in
the band?
PWestrbg: yes i will, yes we will be coming…middle of the summer…..drummer will be Michael Bland, Ken is on bass….and still looking for that guitar person.

Question: What are “indie” bands?
PWestrbg: You’re asking ME?

PWestrbg: I don’t have one & don’t plan on getting one – ever.
PWestrbg: The computer affects my life & art in the same manner the radio affected Picasso.

Question: What influenced you to become a band member?
PWestrbg: inability to function in normal society.

Question: What other instruments can you play beside the gituar?
PWestrbg: i can play anything….poorly.

Question: Is it true that there are more stupid people in this world than there should be?
PWestrbg: Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh.

Question: I know Philadelphia isn’t exactly your favorite place, will you be doing any shows in this area?
PWestrbg: i have no probelm with philly at all. don’t believe what you read. Yes I will be playing shows there.

Question: it was probably out of your control, but why such a crowded release day for “Eventually”?
PWestrbg: I had nothing to do with the release date.

Question: Paul, did you ever call those guys who gave you the pack of cigarettes in Orlando a couple of years ago?
PWestrbg: probably.

Question: I heard you had producer problems with the new album can you tell us about that?
PWestrbg: Once I decided to produce it myself – there was NO PROBLEM.

Question: On the new album, you sing “I’m the last of a dying breed.” Can you explain what you meantby that, if anything.
PWestrbg: One day, perhaps.

Question: Did you guys ever really take lessons?
PWestrbg: no.

Question: What is the background of the song ‘Answering Machine?’
PWestrbg: Pots & pans & spoons.

Question: Tell us about the Tom Petty Replacements tour. Were you asked to leave the tour?
PWestrbg: no. we were asked to leave their wives alone.

Question: paul, did you ever smash pumpkins when you were a kid?
PWestrbg: i think so.

Question: Does it upset you when you are constantly asked about The Replacement?
PWestrbg: F*** NO!

Question: What’s your own favorite on Eventually?
PWestrbg: These are the days.

Question: is it any different scoring a movie (like singles) as writing a regular song?
PWestrbg: it’s the opposite of writing a song. the visual is already “written” and you’re not supposed to get in the way of anything.

Question: would you consider the Mats a punk band?
PWestrbg: we were a garage band.

Question: Paul, do you remember signing my Chicago Cubs hat about 3 yrs ago in Champaign, Il?
PWestrbg: But of course.

Question: What do you think of Bob Mould’s new LP?
PWestrbg: i haven’t heard it.

Question: will you be working with Tommy S. more?
PWestrbg: Playing perhaps. We’ve never worked a day in our lives.

Question: when are you going to play N.Y.C.
PWestrbg: Summer.

Question: What’s your favorite Mats tune? Least?
PWestrbg: Hootenanney Hootienannie

Question: What is the REAL dirt behind you and Brendan O’Brien?
PWestrbg: His hair was too long.

Question: How many fingers am I holding up?
PWestrbg: your middle one?

Question: i was going to see you on the 13 songs tour but the show got canceled… was in milwaukee what happened?
PWestrbg: i was hospitalized briefly with a bad back.

Question: how many tracks were left off the new record
PWestrbg: 7

Question: Who’s your pick to win the Stanley Cup this year?
PWestrbg: Detroit.

Question: What do you think of Oasis?
PWestrbg: cute.

Question: will there be any singles released with B-sides that did not make the album
PWestrbg: i think so.

Question: do you plan on doing any shows in l.a.?
PWestrbg: yes I do.

Question: Do you think in todays alternative music popularity that the mats would have achieved more popularity?
PWestrbg: If the replacements were around today.. I’m sure we’d be playing something…other than what masquerades as alternative music.

Question: When will tour dates be announced?
PWestrbg: June-ish.

Question: I found it interesting that you still play mat songs live why?
PWestrbg: I find it interesting that everyone but me considers them mats songs. To me their my songs.

AOLiveMC11: Unfortunately, we’re running out of time. We just have time for one more question….

Question: will you ever play Unsatisfied again?
PWestrbg: no.

AOLiveMC11: Thanks for joining us today, Paul Westerberg!!!
PWestrbg: later.

AOLiveMC11: Goodbye, everyone!

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Floppy discs were neither floppy nor discs: Discuss