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Live Review: The Replacements at the Hollywood Palladium (4/16) – Philip Cosores, Consequence of Sound (Show photos)

“Valentine” saw the band gel into a loose and beaming unit, creating a state of euphoria in the audience. Even Stinson noticed, chiming in that they had “finally gotten that one right after a year of practice.” And while Westerberg still needed a few smokes to get through the set, he didn’t lie about the maturing aspect of the band, speaking about how they used to drink all day and now spent the afternoon at the gym. Even the new jam they performed was a goof about shopping at Whole Foods Market.

The completion of growing up, of coming of age, is part of The Replacements’ appeal at this point. Seeing a reckless band of 50-somethings would be flat-out depressing, but seeing a surviving band channeling their youthful energy for a night is inspiring. And on that, it created a context for the timelessness of “Alex Chilton”, “Left of the Dial”, and a dozen of the other songs The Replacements played. If the question was posed as to why The Replacements were so special to so many people, their performance was the definitive answer.

Photo by Philip Cosores

Photo by Philip Cosores

The Replacements at the Hollywood Palladium April 15 – L.A. Weekly
If you were at the show and in the front, you might spot yourself in this extensive slide show.

Photo By Timothy Norris

Photo By Timothy Norris

A kick-ass “Left of The Dial” from the second night.

The final encore of “I Want You Back” and “I.O.U” on the 16th, complete with the guitar toss at the end.


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