Boston Calling | September 7, 2014

The Mats dodged a bullet playing on Sunday because the venue (which is an outdoor plaza in downtown Boston) was evacuated Saturday night due to severe thunderstorms and lightening and a few acts got bumped. Weather was not a factor on Sunday, thankfully. Here’s the set list, which kicked off with “Favorite Thing”. Time was quite tight, I think this may have been the shortest set to date at just a little over an hour…we wanted MORE.

One of the most unexpected moments of the set was the sing-a-long to “Androgynous”, most of which is captured in this video.

And the one-two of “I Want Your Back” and “Color Me Impressed” was a barn burner.

Some of the excellent photos below are by Bluebird Reviews. Visit their site for more pictures and a review of the show. Love the shots of Paul seasoning his guitar!


Favorite Thing | Takin a Ride | I’m in Trouble | Don’t Ask Why | I’ll Be You | Valentine | Waitress in the Sky | Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out | Take Me Down to the Hospital | I Want You Back | Color Me Impressed | Achin’ to Be | Kiss Me on the Bus | Androgynous | I Will Dare | Love You in the Fall | Love You Till Friday | Maybellene | Can’t Hardly Wait | Bastards of Young | White and Lazy
Alex Chilton