Bumbershoot, Seattle | August 31, 2014

The Mats played Bumbershoot with Paul rocking a Batman shirt like a boss. Seattle Music Insider said it all:

The years have been kind to both Westerberg and Stinson. Both looked incredibly healthy and fit and brought the attitude and fun that Replacements fans have come to expect and enjoy. Westerberg rocked a black and yellow Batman shirt, grey vest and black jeans while Stinson was looking his typical badass self with his Sid Vicious styled spiked hair and trademark striped jacket. The touring band was rounded out by Josh Freese (The Vandals and Devo) and Dave Minehan on guitar.

The boys were tight but not slick – just the right balance for a band like the Replacements. Nice and neat just would not be fitting. Not content to just mail in a greatest hits package for the Bumbershoot crowd, the group brought renewed energy and passion to some of their classics. Westerberg and Stinson were clearly enjoying themselves on an outdoor stage at twilight. The fact that they weren’t playing indoors at a beer soaked club was just fine.

After the set Westerberg and Stinson walked offstage with a look of satisfaction on their faces. Both then walked off into the sunset smiling and laughing – rock n’ roll survivors and friends, relishing the moment and sharing the joy of playing the music they created together throughout the years – delighting a crowd who have waited way too long to see them do their thing once again…in grand fashion!

The SMI review was written by Greg Roth who also took the wonderful photos for the piece, including this one that captures that “walking off into the sunset” moment.

replacements at bumbershoot


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