Beach Slang Play “Pleased To Meet” Live

In a 2015 interview with Rice and Bread Magazine, James Alex of Beach Slang discussed his love for the Mats and for PTMM: Beach Slang’s James Alex still inspired by The Replacements’ Pleased to Meet Me Beach Slang‘s James Alex says one of his most influential albums comes from a band his own group has been compared to countless times, The Replacements. The ‘Mats’ 1987 album, Pleased to Meet Me, … Read more →

#tbt: Northampton, MA 8/24/2002

paul westerberg northhampton

It’s hard to believe it’s been 13 years since Paul’s solo tour, which included 9 in-store performances in April and May; 3 shows at the Guthrie in Minneapolis (6/29-7/1) and 20 shows in 28 days (!) in August, closing out with 3 incredible shows in NYC. I came across a DVD with 10 videos from Paul’s show at Pearl Street in Northampton, MA recently. I’ve lost the information on who … Read more →

Primavera Sound, Porto, Portugal | June 5, 2015

replacements porto

As covered in this post, the reports from the show focused on Paul’s comment about this being the last time they were ever going to play together (or something to that effect). If this was the last show ever for this incarnation of the Mats, they went out with a darn good set list. (Any set list that includes “Nowhere Is My Home” gets a thumb’s up from me). Set … Read more →

London Show Poster

This poster for the London shows – designed by Greg Franklin –  didn’t end up getting made but you can at least enjoy the digital version. From the sounds of it, The Replacements played their final show tonight in Spain. Bummed to hear it, but glad I got the chance to see them in Seattle a couple months ago when they started essentially their final tour. I was asked to design a … Read more →

Paul’s Shirt

At the Porto show on 6/5, the front of the shirt read “BELA” and the back read “VIDA”. Google tells me that in Portuguese, “bela vida” means ‘beautiful life’, which leaves us with a few possibilities including: 1. Front message: I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED YOU Back message: NOW I MUST WHORE MY PAST And what was worn in Porto was a second message of “Beautiful life” or 2. Front message: … Read more →