Walgreen’s Thanksgiving Interview 2010

This is worth re-posting every Thanksgiving. From “The Chicagoist” (TV Reporter Doesn’t Realize She’s Interviewing Paul Westerberg): Aaron Goodyear, who filmed it, writes, “On Thanksgiving Day in 2010 we randomly ran into Paul Westerberg of The Replacements who was doing some early Christmas shopping at a South Minneapolis Walgreens. Reporter Liz Collin had no idea who he was and Paul was having some fun with her.” The clip was on … Read more →

The Tonight Show 9/9/2014: The Replacements Return to NBC

The Replacements appeared on The Tonight Show last night, a show also included Keith Richards as a guest. The mind reels! The band’s last appearance on NBC was in 1986, after which they were reportedly banned from SNL because of their drunken antics. You can read all about history of The Mats, NBC and Keith Richards at “Yer doin’ great (a muzak clickclack)”: “Everything you need to get excited about … Read more →