“Come Hither” on Dry Wood Garage

Changed it up on us this week, with a new tune posted on Thursday instead of Saturday. It’s a rocker called “Come Hither”. Enjoy!

More art posted too:

come hither paul westerberg


“Come Hither” on Dry Wood Garage — 1 Comment

  1. My wife is finally giving some credit to PW/Mats after I told her that Glen Campbell had done a cover. She’s mostly a Billy Joel fan…
    By the way, we live in Studio City(smogtown) and recently visited Minneapolis. The Replacements/Westerberg/Stinson shrine was sorely missing from electric fetus. Fine record store but I was hoping for a section to blow my mind and add a little sparkle to the trip. Dammit Jim! Walker and Mill City museums were very enjoyable. Prince tour at Paisley Park was sad and marvelous at the same time.

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