Forecastle Festival, Louisville | July 20, 2014

The Mats returned to the stage for the first time since they played Shaky Knees in May, with Billie Joe Armstrong joining them again.

Billie Joe Armstrong joins The Replacements for a sloppy, rambunctious performance in Kentucky – Philip Obenschain, AltPress

Review: The Replacements add more blunder, thunder at Forecastle Fest – Chris Riemenschneider, Star-Tribune

For the fourth time in the seven Replacements shows since last August, Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong once again joined in as a third guitarist, this time playing the entire set and blending in without messing up the formula – although, he did mess up. The band’s only multi-platinum musician came in at the wrong time during “Nowhere Is My Home,” much to Westerberg’s and bassist Tommy Stinson’s amusement. “Our one-day rehearsal did not pay off,” Westerberg cracked.

Armstrong made up for it by fixing one of the boss’ botches. Westerberg’s microphone slipped down its stand at the start of “Can’t Hardly Wait,” which Paul kept singing crouched over like a baseball catcher until the rookie came over and propped it back up – and then kissed the singer full on the lips.

That wasn’t the only time Westerberg sang at knee level, either. He delivered the first half of “White and Lazy” laid out on the stage after his harmonica fell. Later, he played half of “Merry Go Round” without his guitar, the head of which he inexplicably smashed hard onto the stage (and irreparably broke) – much to Stinson’s and Armstrong’s amusement.

“Billie’s gonna take that home and sell it on eBay later,” Stinson quipped.


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