Glen Campbell 1936-2017

R.I.P. Glen Campbell: He wasn’t just a ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ – Stephen Thomas Erlewine, CityPages

Campbell’s 61st studio album, “Ghost On The Canvas” was released in 2011. The title track was a PW cover of a song Paul released in 2009 on “PW & The Ghost Gloves Cat Wing Joy Boys.” Paul appeared in the video for the song, which starts out with a visual nod to the Mats video for “Bastards of Young”.

Another Westerberg song called “Any Trouble” also appeared on GOTC, and includes some lyrics familiar to us from “It’s A Wonderful Lie”.

Don’t go and make a fuss
And you forget about us
And any trouble you got will fade away
Don’t pin your hopes
Don’t pin your dreams
On misanthropes
And guys like me
Don’t pin your hair
Let it hang down
Don’t go to any trouble on my account

Campbell also covered a PW song on in 2008’s “Meet Glen Campbell”, which also included covers of U2, The Foo Fighters and Green Day.