Happy Birthday, Hootennany!

“Hootenanny” is now 32 years old and The Diffuser celebrated with a piece called 32 Years Ago: The Replacements Release the Perfect Mess, ‘Hootenanny’ by James Stafford.

Producer Paul Stark was quoted in Our Band Could Be Your Life as saying that the album “was a complete joke from their point of view — they did not care what they delivered.”

I don’t buy that.

Cuts like “Within Your Reach” are as good as anything in the band’s catalog. Cameron Crowe must agree: Six years after the record’s release, the director included the song in the John Cusack classic, Say Anything. The band still includes it in their live set, too — hardly the act of a bunch of guys who didn’t care what they delivered.

This is the inspiration for the cover, featuring America’s greatest Folksingers!