Interview: Tommy Stinson

“Replacements reunion is about “having fun,” reconnecting” – The Oakland Press

Tommy Stinson talks with The Oakland Press in advance of Sunday’s show in Detroit:

“We’re going to go out there (to) have fun and play our … rock show and go from there,” Stinson says. “Anything at this point could happen. As long as we’re having fun doing it, I think we … do it for as long as we want. That’s kind of our modus operandi right now — go out and have fun and play our songs and make people happy and have a hoot.”

“I’m just surprised people want it so much; you open up the floodgate to one show and suddenly you get offers from every … barbecue stand in the country. But then again nobody’s really expecting us to be anything better or worse than we were 20 years go, so it’s not really that big of a hurdle to jump over.”

Having listened when Tommy was a guest on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, I guarantee you that every ellipsis in the above quotes indicates the use of the word “fucking”, which is fine for a podcast, not so much for the newspaper 🙂

“As long as we don’t have any conflicts schedulingwise and we’re still having fun and not killing each other, it’s totally good,” Stinson says, acknowledging the group’s contentious relationships during the past. “Both Paul and I needed to kind of do this together for the same reasons. It was more an aligning of the planets and sort of needing to get out and have a little fun with it again.”