Paul Westerberg Man Without Ties
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Paul Westerberg Lyrics

Paul in an interview in 2002:

"I try to write for highest common denominator. I don't write for dumb people. I figure if everybody doesn't get it, that's OK. Someone bright enough will get it, and that's who I write for. It's probably not the way to make million-sellers. What can I say? I won't apologize for trying to write for smart people."

Paul does not generally do lyric sheets so these are just the best guesses of the people who did the transcribing. However, for Suicaine Gratifaction, lyric sheets were included in the limited edition package, so those lyrics are transcribed directly from there.

I have Suicaine Gratifaction, 14 Songs, All Shook Down, Stereo/Mono and Folker posted on my site. For some of the other lyrics, I am providing links to The Skyway web site, where you also find the lyrics to some b-sides and other rarities. For the Grandpaboy stuff, I'm linking to a Geocities site that has both the EP and DMS. Huge thanks to Jay Dryden for getting the "Come Feel Me Tremble" lyrics pulled together and Deebee for the "Folker" stuff and all everyone who contributed lyrics on the message board. Speaking of the message board, I only have the albums through "Folker" listed on this page; I am behind in my HTML'ing. So for lyrics to the "Open Season" soundtrack and the recent MP3 release, visit the Lyrics section of the message board.

Paul Westerberg - Solo

The Replacements

Top 10 Paul Westerberg Proverbs (Mats era), according to SPIN's Alternative Record Guide:
  1. "Meet me any place or anywhere at any time now I don't care/Meet me tonight/If you will dare, I will dare." I Will Dare (Let It Be, 1984)
  2. "Lonely, I guess that's where I'm from." I'll Be You (Don't Tell A Soul, 1989)
  3. "Bring your own lampshade/Somewhere there's a party."Swinging Party (Tim, 1985)
  4. "I hate music/It's got too many notes."I Hate Music (Sorry Ma, I Forgot to Take Out the Trash, 1981)
  5. "I'll give you my jacket if you give me your glamour/Gimme that racket, gimme that clamor." Gimme Noise (Stink, 1982)
  6. "It beats picking cotton and waiting to be forgotten." Bastards of Young (Tim, 1985)
  7. "You wish upon a star that turns into a plane."Valentine (Pleased To Meet Me, 1987)
  8. "I ain't very good but I get practice by myself/Forgot my one line so I just said what I felt."If Only You Were Lonely (B-side to "I'm in Trouble", 1981)
  9. "Used to live at home/Now I stay at the house."Here Comes A Regular (Tim, 1985)
  10. "Yesterday's trash/Too bored to thrash."Treatment Bound (Hootenanny, 1983)