“I try to write for highest common denominator. I don’t write for dumb people. I figure if everybody doesn’t get it, that’s OK. Someone bright enough will get it, and that’s who I write for. It’s probably not the way to make million-sellers. What can I say? I won’t apologize for trying to write for smart people.”

Back in the olden days of the Internet (when there weren’t 857,000 sites where you could find lyrics for every song ever recorded), we had to make our own lyric sites. I have All Shook Down, 14 Songs, Suicaine Gratifaction, Stereo/Mono, Come Feel Me Tremble, Dead Man Shake and Folker lyrics below. For anything else, visit the excellent Skyway site.  You’ll also find many discussions about lyrics  on the message board, a good source for more recent stuff.

The I Don’t Cares
Wild Stab

Paul Westerberg – Solo
Come Feel Me Tremble
Dead Man Shake
Stereo | Mono
Suicaine Gratifaction
14 Songs

The Replacements
All Shook Down

A Skyway reader who visited The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame wrote in about a collection of hand-written song lyrics including two songs from Paul – “Here Comes A Regular” and “Bastards of Young” and also thoughtfully transcribed them. The lyrics are interestingly different from the final versions.

The hand-written lyrics for “Crackle & Drag” were included in a piece about songwriting Paul wrote for The New York Times in May 2013 (“Simple or Impossible”).

Crackle & Drag lyrics

The author’s handwritten lyrics for “Crackle & Drag,” from 2003’s “Come Feel Me Tremble,” suggest that he in fact does go in for conventional rhymes sometimes (“willow/pillow”). Credit Courtesy of Paul Westerberg