More “Wild Stab” Reviews

More (glowing) review for ‘Wild Stab’, including one from Ken Tucker at NPR:

KEN TUCKER: The songs on “Wild Stab” reach out and grab you. They’re built around the kind of rootsy rock ‘n roll that Paul Westerberg has been making for a long time now, music he originally made, in part, to connect with an earlier generation of rockers like The Rolling Stones, the Faces and The Kinks. Juliana Hatfield sounds very good singing alongside him. Her own past, as a member of groups such as Blake Babies, The Lemonheads and The Juliana Hatfield Three, has positioned her as both a leader and collaborator. Together they fall into an easy rhythm with each other.

Rhapsody“Hatfield and Westerberg are quite the dynamic duo, and have created an intimacy that Westerberg may have missed by playing festivals the past couple years with The Replacements.”

Consequence of Sound“While there’s no shortage of sincerity on “Sorry for Tomorrow Night,” and “Kissing Break”, the lo-fi ante is raised as Hatfield takes a lead on the punky “Dance to Fight.” There’s also varying degrees of production quality, from the woozy “Outta My System” and “Need the Guys,” which sound as if they were recorded on a vintage boombox, to the more straightforward “Little People,” the whippersnapper “Done Done Done” and album closer “Hand Together,” Wild Stab offers a rewarding mixed bag of alt rock tricks.” Podcast