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PW Official MP3 Releases 2008

December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Download 3 songs from Paul Westerberg for $0.74!

You'll get 3 tracks in MP3 format (320kbps), plus very cool, very plaid, cover art for only $0.74:

1: Always In A Manger (listed as "Always", should be "Away")
2: Streets of Laredo
3: D.G.T.

Paul Westerberg D.G.T.

paul westerberg bored of edukation Sept. 19, 2008
I hope the various technical woes that have bedeviled the site over the past 2 weeks are finally over (this being the Internet, I doubt we've totally seen the last of them though). But as of now, things are working! So better late than never, I'm posting the link to download "Bored of Edukation" from Tunecore. Sorry for the delay.

Sept. 13, 2008
A new download is available, one song called "Bored of Edukation". At the moment, it's only available on but a link on Tunecore is coming, so if you either a)just prefer Tunecore and can be patient or b) are outside the U.S. and can't use Amazon MP3 and therefore have to be patient, I will be posting that Tunecore link as soon as I get it. As you can see, the new download features more of Paul's handmade cover art.

August 31, 2008
There he goes again....two new "tracks" from Paul are posted on Tunecore for your downloading pleasure. You can download the album "3oclockreep" for $3.99, and that includes a 20 minute track called "3oclockreep" and a 3 minute track called "Finally Here Once". They are also available as individual downloads ("3oclockreep" for $3.00 and "Finally Here Once" for $0.99). Artwork at right and GtrPlyr has kindly posted some CD-sized artwork on the message board. paul westerberg 30clockreep

Thanks to Hide n'Lurkin on the message board for breaking down the content of the "3oclockreep" track, which includes about 10 minutes of outtakes from Tom Waits in the studio with the Mats, circa 1989. This session produced "Date To Church", which appeared on a Sire CD sampler called "Just Say Mao" in 1989, part of their "Just Say Yes" series. And it will be included on the upcoming Sire reissue of "Don't Tell A Soul" (out in just a few short weeks!)

"3oclockreep" (Approx. song title/length):
01 Tell 'Em All, Go to Hell 2:49
02 Mash of Outtakes 0:44
03 It's Ridiculous, Everybody Wants to Be Famous 2:53
04 Only Excuse Is 2:15
05 You're Still Mine 1:05
06 If Only You Were Lonely [Mats in Studio with Tom Waits] 1:00
07 Studio Ramblings [Mats in Studio with Tom Waits] 1:15
08 We Know the Night [Mats in Studio with Tom Waits] 3:06
09 Lowdown Monkey Blues [Mats in Studio with Tom Waits] 5:08

August 6, 2008
What a short, strange trip it's been for "49:00". I'm going to do my best to explain what's going on with "49:00" and the new release, "5:05". To put it simply, "49:00" is no longer available for download on either or Tunecore, it was removed from Tunecore last Thursday and from Amazon two days later. Gone, daddy, gone.

No official explanation was given for its disappearance. As one might expect, there's been quite a bit of discussion about possible reasons and you can find some of those discussions on the message board. Since we're not getting an official explanation, speculation is the next best thing!

paul westerberg 5:05 But wait, there's more. Late last night, a new PW song appeared on Tunecore, "5:05" (yes, it's five minutes and five seconds long). To repeat, this new download is not "49:00", it's an entirely different thing. The cover art is to the right, to get the hi-res, downloadable version of the art, click on the image.

One more thing: When you go to download "5:05", you can choose how much you want to pay for it. You can pay either $5.05 or you can pay $0.99 - whatever amount you decide to pay, you get the exact same song. The only difference (obviously) is how much money comes out on the other end. For more info on "5:05", check out the initial reactions to it on the message board.

August 2, 2008
Some news on downloading "49:00". Up until Thursday, you could download it from Tunecore or from Amazon. Tunecore was set up to accommodate non-US users because Amazon does not allow people outside the US to download from the MP3 store. As of Thursday though, the download was no longer available from Tunecore and was the only source. And now today, while "49:00" is still listed on Amazon, the "Buy" function is disabled for it. So you can't get it there either.

When I have news on what's going on with all this, I'll post an update. At this point, I don't have any info to post on what's the heck is going on.

July 23, 2008
paul westerberg 49:00 Here is the official back cover, which didn't get released in time for the launch of the download. You can see it at right, but that version's just for looking - if you want to download the hi-res version for printing, click here. I'm not a whiz at getting things to print at the right size for a jewel case, if you are similiarly challenged, one of the folks on the message boards (thanks, GtrPlyr!) created a front and back cover and tray card, all nicely formatted and sized for printing.

July 21, 2008
And we have lift-off: Download 49:00 from Amazon MP3

It's one MP3 file, with a whole mess of songs, so even though it's only one download, you're getting plenty of songs. When you get to Amazon, here's what you do:
Because of the way it's entered in the system ($0.89 for the 'song' and $0.49 for the 'album'), you can only download it using Amazon's Downloader. It's weird and glitchy - leave it to Paul to find a way to confound one of the hugest ecommerce sites in the world.

Non-US fans need to download the 'album' here (and US fans who can't/don't want to use Amazon). Amazon's MP3 store is only available to US residents.

Download the cover art below and check out the PW-supplied "liner notes". To download the cover art in PDF format, click on the image:

paul westerberg 49:00



July 19, 2008
Looks like there will be a slight delay in getting the link live (technical difficulties and such) and we're probably looking at a June 49 + 2 availability date (that's Monday) for the download. I'll be sending out an email when the link is up, if you want to be notified that way, you can sign up for the email newsletter.

July 19, 2008
On June 49, (that's July 19 to you and me), Paul Westerberg will be releasing 49 minutes of music for just 49¢. Check back on Saturday, July 19 and you'll find a link to download the new tunes.


"Bring Your Own Lampshade" - PW Tribute CD

In September 2005, the folks from the MWT message board got together make a tribute CD of PW/Mats covers. Click here to download the tracks and cover art and find out more about the project.

Other PW MP3s

For more info on getting live shows, check on the message board and get involved in trading, weeding or downloading shows, there's a whole "how-to" section for people who are new to this. If you want to check out a sample of some live stuff, thanks to Chris, I have some MP3s from the Pantages 2004 shows posted. The Saturday show and recording = outstanding!

Saturday Nov. 6, 2004 @ The Pantages

Sunday Nov. 7, 2004 @ The Pantages Over the years, I've come across several PW-themed songs, and have a few of them below. I especially like "Paul Westerberg" by The Cigarettes: