The Best of The Replacements

Don't You Kknow Who I Think I Was? The Replacements 

Don't You Know Who I Think I Was?
The Best of The Replacements

2006 Rhino Records

Takin’ a Ride | Shiftless When Idle | Kids Don’t Follow | Color Me Impressed | Within Your Reach | I Will Dare | Answering Machine | Unsatisfied | Here Comes a Regular | Kiss Me on the Bus | Bastards of Young | Left of the Dial | Alex Chilton | Skyway | Can’t Hardly Wait | Achin’ to Be | I’ll Be You | Merry Go Round | Message to the Boys* | Pool & Dive*
*previously unreleased

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As reported by Billboard, here’s how the two new songs came about:

Replacements members Paul Westerberg, Tommy Stinson and Chris Mars have reunited to record two new songs for an upcoming retrospective, “Don’t You Know Who I Think I Was?: The Best of the Replacements.” Due June 13 via Rhino, the set will feature “Message to the Boys” and “Pool & Dive,” the band’s first new recordings in 16 years.

Session drummer Josh Freese was behind the kit for the new recordings, while Mars, who in recent years has foregone music for an art career, contributed backing vocals. The songs were written by Westerberg and were recorded at producer Ed Ackerson’s Flowers studio in Minneapolis.

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chris, tommy, josh and paul in the studio, dec 2005 photo: darren hill

In an interview with Newsweek, Paul talked about the Best Of collection, including the back story for “Message To The Boys”:

I wrote that, oh s—, I don’t know, 13, 14 years ago. I always kept it in my back pocket in case we ever played again. This is something I dread having to divulge, because we have enough weird fans as it is, but it’s sort of in honor of one of our more dedicated fans who used to come see us all the time and, eventually, you know, ended up dead. I don’t want to encourage that at all, but it was something that affected all of us. We could spend the whole time talking about dead people involved with the band, but we don’t want to do that.

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All For Nothing The replacements 

All for Nothing/Nothing for All

1997 Sire/Reprise Records


Disc 1 (All For Nothing) includes tracks from Tim, Pleased To Meet Me, Don’t Tell A Soul and All Shook Down.

Left of the Dial | Kiss Me on the Bus | Bastards of Young | Here Comes a Regular | Skyway | Alex Chilton | The Ledge | Can’t Hardly Wait | I’ll Be You | Achin’ to Be | Talent Show | Anywhere’s Better Than Here | Merry Go Round | Sadly Beautiful | Nobody | Someone Take the Wheel

Disc 2 (Nothing For All) features “largely unknown ephemera – shambling rarities, out-takes and previously unreleased lint” (per the print ad below).

Can’t Hardly Wait (The Tim version) | Birthday Gal | Beer for Breakfast | Till We’re Nude | Election Day | Jungle Rock | All He Wants to Do Is Fish | Date to Church | Cruella De Ville | We Know the Night | Portland | Wake Up | Satellite | Like a Rolling Pin | Another Girl, Another Planet | Who Knows | All Shook Down | I Don’t Know (Hidden track)

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