The Replacements 1980-1991

What you will find here is a broad overview of The Replacements 1980-1991 discography, compiled with with much reliance on The’s fantastic discography to help flesh out the section on the Mats singles and promos. For more details than I’ve provided below, visit The Skyway. Another essential resource is The Foshay Tower, which catalogs Replacements rarities, outtakes and more. In 2008, Rhino released remastered versions of all the albums, with bonus material.

• Albums/EPs

All Shook Down 1990 Sire/Reprise Records Produced by Scott Litt + Paul Westerberg

Don’t Tell A Soul 1989 Sire/Reprise Records Produced by Matt Wallace + The Replacements

Pleased to Meet Me 1987  Sire Records Produced by Jim Dickinson

Tim 1985 Sire Records Produced by Tommy (Ramone) Erdelyi

Boink 1985 Glass Record UK import – Compilation of songs from the previous records plus “If Only You Were Lonely” and “Nowhere is My Home”.

The Shit Hits The Fans 1984 Twin/Tone Records Cassette only – Recorded live at The Bowery, Oklahoma City 11/11/84

Let It Be 1984 Twin/Tone Records Produced by Steve Fjelstad, Paul Westerberg + Peter Jesperson

Hootenanny 1983 Twin/Tone Records Produced by Paul Stark, Peter Jesperson + The Replacements

Stink 1982 Twin/Tone Records Produced by Steve Fjelstad, Peter Jesperson + The Replacements

Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash 1981 Twin/Tone Records Produced by Steve Fjelstad, Paul Westerberg + Peter Jesperson

• Singles, B- Sides, Promos, Bonus Tracks

I’ve included catalog numbers for those of you who are intent on tracking down any of this stuff.

Don’t Sell or Buy, It’s Crap
1991 Sire/Reprise Records PRO-4632 (1991)  Includes “Satellite”, “Ought To Get Love”, “Kissing in Action”, and “Like a Rolling Pin”

“Happy Town”(edit) b/w “Happy Town” (album version)
1990 Sire/Reprise PRO-CD-4574

“I’ll Be You” b/w “Date To Church”* 7”
1989 Sire 22992-7 (w/ picture sleeve) *also available on “Just Say Mao” compilation

“I’ll Be You” b/w “I’ll Be You” 12″
1989 Sire/Reprise PRO-3419

Achin’ To Be b/w Achin’ To Be 12″
1989 Sire/Reprise PRO-3606 (white promo cover)

“Achin’ To Be” b/w “Another Girl, Another Planet” (live) 7″
1989 Australian 7-22815 MX304204

1989 Sire/Reprise Records PRO-3633  Recorded at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee 6/89

Pleased to Meet Paul Westerberg
1987 Warner Bros. WBMS-148 Promo – interview with Paul and Pleased to Meet Me songs.

“Alex Chilton” b/w “Election Day” 7″
1987 U.K. SAM 369

“The Ledge” b/w “The Ledge” 12″
1987 Sire PRO-2727 (white promo cover)

The Replacements E.P. 7″
1987 U.K. Warner Brothers W8297 928 279-7  “Alex Chilton”/”Nightclub Jitters”/”Election Day”/”Route 66”

The Ledge double 12″
1987 German #920 707-0 (w/ red altered Pleased To Meet Me cover)  “The Ledge”/”Route 66″/”Election Day”/”Alex Chilton”/”Tossin’ n’ Turnin'”/”Jungle Rock”

“Can’t Hardly Wait” (remix) b/w “Cool Water” 7″
1987 Sire 7-28151 (Chris Mars does vocals on “Cool Water”)

Can’t Hardly Wait b/w Can’t Hardly Wait (remix) 12″
1987 Sire PRO-A-2863 (white promo cover w/ sticker)

“Kiss Me On The Bus” b/w “Little Mascara” 7″
1985 U.K. W8679 928 679-7

“Kiss Me On The Bus” b/w “Kiss Me On The Bus” 12″
1985 Sire PRO-2412 (white promo cover)

“Left Of The Dial” b/w “Swingin’ Party” 7″
1985 U.K. W8727 928 727-7 (white promo sleeve)

“Alex Chilton” b/w “Alex Chilton” 12″
1985 Sire PRO-2761 (w/ cover picture of Alex Chilton)

“I Will Dare” b/w “Twentieth Century Boy” & “Hey Good Lookin'” (live) 12″
1984 Twin/Tone TTR-8440

“I’m In Trouble” b/w “If Only You Were Lonely” 7″
1981 Twin/Tone TTR-8120

• Compilations and Soundtracks

OnXRT: Live From The Archives Vol.1
“I Will Dare”(live 7/4/91)
1993 WXRT

Just Say Mao
“Date to Church” (with Tom Waits)
1989 Sire Records 925947-2

Stay Awake
“Cruella de Ville”
1988 A + M Records CS-3918

Trackin’ Up The North
“Lookin’ For Ya”
1982 Rags To Riches Talent Search Contest, Duluth MN

Barefoot And Pregnant
“Ace of Spades”
1981 Reflex Records – Cassette only

sorry ma forgot to take out the cat

• Tributes

We’ll Inherit The Earth….A Tribute to The Replacements
2006  1-2-3-4 Go! Records

Left Of The Dial – A Pop Tribute to The Replacements
2000 Facedown Records

I’m in Love with That Song (Australian tribute)
1999 Tomboy/Antfarm Records

Austin, TX – So What
1997 Wretched Records

Sorry Ma, Forgot To Let Out the Cat (Fundraiser for Athens, GA  Humane Society)
1995 Winter Records

“Hey, where’s Tommy? Someone find Tommy, we’re out on the road
Moving equipment. Where’s the equipment? Soon we’re going home”