Come Feel Me Tremble

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Come Feel Me Tremble

2003 (Vagrant)

Dirty Diesel | Making Me Go | Soldier of Misfortune | My Daydream | What a Day (For a Night) | Wild & Lethal | Crackle & Drag (Original Take) | Crackle & Drag (Alternate Version) | Hillbilly Junk | Never Felt Like This Before | Knockin’ Em Back | Pine Box | Meet Me Down the Alley | These Days

After the packaging for the CD was produced, the order of the songs was changed. If you bought an early copy, the track listing on the packaging differs from the actual order on the CD.

“Come Feel Me Tremble” is a soundtrack and companion to the documentary of the same name, which chronicled Paul’s 2002 solo tour. The title is clearly connected to the opening lyrics of “How Can You Like Him?” — “Come and feel me tremble/Feel my marrow in the bone” — despite the fact that the song appears on “Folker”, an album that wouldn’t be released until the following year (2004).

In addition to releasing the CFMT DVD/movie and CD in October 2003, Paul (as Grandpaboy) also released “Dead Man Shake”. That makes the 2003-2003 time frame Paul’s most prolific solo period, by a wide margin: 4 albums (Stereo, Mono, CFMT, Dead Man Shake), a DVD and a tour.

Here’s the video of “What a Day (For a Night)” from the CFMT movie: