Paul Westerberg - Folker


2004 (Vagrant)

Jingle | Now I Wonder | My Dad | Lookin’ Up in Heaven | Anyway’s All Right | $100 Groom | 23 Years Ago | As Far as I Know | What About Mine? | How Can You Like Him? | Breathe Some New Life | Gun Shy | Folk Star

 From the press kit:

Folker was entirely written, produced and recorded by Westerberg in his basement studio, with the recording kept as simple and lo-fi as possible. “This whole album has this sort of acoustic, bass and drum-driven rock sound that I really like,” says Westerberg. “It’s reminiscent of early Rod Stewart. That stuff is closer to the heart of rock’n’roll than big loud guitars.”

“Look, there are no big surprises on here,” he says. “If the ‘mats’s Let It Be defined me when I was 24, 14 Songs was all about me going solo, this one is… I just think the album is just a really good batch of songs that hang together. That’s all it needs to be.”

The album was released in September and Paul was on the cover of Harp Magazine’s Nov/Dec 2004 issue which featured an in-depth interview with Bob Mehr, covering “Folker” and much more.

• The UK version of “Folker” included the bonus track “Be Bad For Me”

Paul was pretty active on the promotional circuit for “Folker” and the upcoming tour. He called into the Jim Rome radio show (listen here). He also did a live Sessions@AOL to promote “Folker” tunes and also play some old favorites.

Skyway “I’m going to play some songs and blow some lyrics…and blow something else…”

I Will Dare

Lookin’ Up in Heaven

How Can You Like Him?

Now I Wonder

My Dad