Grandpaboy EP

Grandapa Boy EPGrandpa Boy Single

Grandpaboy EP + Single

1997 (Soundproof/Monolyth)
Artwork By – Grandpaboy
Backing Vocals, Handclaps – Elrod Puce
Bass – Zeke Pine
Drums – Henry Twiddle
Guitar, Vocals – Grandpaboy
Mastered By – Bob Ludwig
Recorded By – Rory Gilligan
Saxophone – Thaddeus Moonbeam

Hot Un | Ain’t Done Much | Psychopharmacology | Lush And Green | Homelessexual

After Eventually, it would be nearly three years before another official Westerberg solo album was released. But in the summer of 1997, Paul took on the moniker Grandpaboy and released a single and 5-song CD on Monolyth/Soundproof Records.

Grandaboy’s true identity was an open secret, as seen in Entertainment Weekly’s review:

Contractural entanglements may have kept the artist currently known as Paul Westerberg from attaching his name to this five-track EP, but Grandpaboy‘s lineage is unmistakable. Abandoning the heart-on-his-sleeve sensitivity of his two solo albums, Westerberg has gone to the ‘Mats to give us a romper-stomper that packs the kick of hillbilly moonshine. A-

Monolyth/Soundproof  was co-owned by Paul’s 1993 touring band mate (and now manager)Darren Hill and you can read more about in this interview with Darren.
Grandapaboy also released a vinyl single in 1997: “I Want My Money Back” b/w “Undone”.


“Hot ‘Un”

Grandpaboy was also a visual artist and his work was featured on the records and on Monolyth’s Grandpaboy web site. While the label and site are no longer in existence, I saved some of the Grandpaboy artwork, here are a few pieces of his finer art.