“This Machine” b/w “Foolish Hand Shake” | 2010

Mr. F Single Paul Westerberg            Mr. F Single Back

“This Machine” b/w “Foolish Hand Shake”

(Includes “Grandpaboy’s Last Stand”)
Nimbit Music

woodyReleased on Oct. 29, 2010, this was a bit of a change-up: It’s a vinyl single, “This Machine” b/w “Foolish Hand Shake”, under the name Mr. F. A new name, but the same handmade artwork as the previous self-releases. A message posted to the MWT board informed us that “”This Machine” b/w “Foolish Hand Shake” were cut directly to vinyl. There are no digital versions of the single available – it wasn’t meant to be heard in that format.”

The cover collage includes the title of sheet music for “I’ve Been Working on The Railroad” edited to read “I’ve NOT Been Working on The Railroad”, a drawing of someone I’ll presume to be Mr. F and says: Coming soon. Son of a Depression | 400 years in show biz.

This was a very limited edition (and limited to 1 per customer) and it’s long since sold out.  Sone of the records were regular black vinyl and some were multi-colored. It was sold by Nimbit Music for $8, a bargain when you consider that the price also included 2 downloads: “Grandpaboy’s Last Stand” and “Grandpaboy’s Last Stand (epilogue)”.

The obvious reference for “This Machine” is the legendary message Woody Guthrie put on his guitar, “This machine kills facists”. And the lyrics play off that message as well:

No songs of shanties or unrest
Reality TV is just fine
Last night’s dying star etched on his guitar,
read, This here machine, it kills time
This here machine, it kills time

“Grandpaboy’s Last Stand” | “Grandpaboy’s Last Stand (epilogue)”

“Grandpaboy’s Last Stand” is in the same (crazy) vein as “49:00” and clocks in at about 35 minutes. I wouldn’t call the following a “track list” so much is it is a general description of the content. Paul’s various alter egos have conversations throughout…it’s quite something to listen to.

“Getting My MBA”
“Doing Me Wrong”
“Mystery Train”
“Love You in Reverse”
“Anybody Looking for God (aka Save Elrod Puce)”
“Don’t Shoot or I’ll Move”
“Be My Tennis Shoe”
“Mr. Cigarette”
“Love You in Reverse” (disco version. really)

“Grandpaboy’s Last Stand (epilogue)” is essentially “La Bamba” with alternate lyrics, some Spanish, some English (“Take me to the White Castle in the sky/Live forever when I die”).

This is the back of the download card that came with the single. The front included the instructions on where to get the download, the back had a message from the ‘producer’ and one from Grandpaboy.

Download Grandpaboy