PW & The Ghost Gloves Cat Wing Joy Boys MP3 Release | 2009

PW The Ghost Gloves Cat Wing Joy Boys

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Ghost Gloves Cat Wing CD

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PW & The Ghost Gloves Cat Wing Joy Boys

On Sept. 22, 2009 (nearly 9 months after the release of D.G.T.), this 6-song EP was released only on Unlike the previous self-released material, it was available as either an MP3 ($.3.89) or on CD ($6.98) – still available in both formats. The EP’s title comes from taking one word from each of the songs.

Ghost On The Canvas
Drop Them Gloves
Good As The Cat
Love On The Wing
Gimmie Little Joy
Dangerous Boys

“Ghost on the Canvas” took on a second life in 2010, when it became the lead track and album title for  one of Glen Campbell’s final records. Campbell previously covered “Sadly Beautiful” on the 2008 album,”Meet Glen Campbell”. Paul also appeared briefly in the video as reported in the Star-Tribune: “Westerberg makes “Bastards”-like cameo in Glen Campbell video”:

Westerberg — who has been out of the public eye for about five years now and famously didn’t appear in the Replacements’ video for “Bastards of Young” — makes a surprising yet typically coy cameo appearance in the video for the title track of Campbell’s acclaimed new album, “Ghost on the Canvas.” The video actually starts off as a direct homage to and/or imitation of the classic “Bastards” clip, with Westerberg playing the part of the dude loafing on the couch staring at the stereo speaker. Paul reappears throughout.

Paul did a short Q & A with Peter Gerstenzang for The Village Voice, in conjunction with the release of the Glen Campbell CD: “I’m always writing and I have plenty of songs, but I think the Glen Campbell record is a bit of a test to see if people still buy records. Or go for my stuff. I’d like to go on record and say something concrete, but I can’t. So, we shall see.”

Here's a screen grab of the video, the figures on canvas are Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Buck Owens and Glen himself.
Ghost on Canvas video

The video was co-directed by Kii Arens and this picture of him and Paul in front of the canvas from the video comes the Star-Tribune.
Kii Arens and Paul Westerberg