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2002 (Vagrant)

Baby Learns to Crawl | Dirt to Mud | Only Lie Worth Telling | Got You Down | No Place for You | Boring Enormous | Nothing to No One | We May Be the Ones | Don’t Want Never | Strike Down the Band | Mr. Rabbit | Let the Bad Times Roll | Call That Gone? | Postcards from Paradise (hidden track)

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“Stereo” included the “Mono” CD. 10,000 standalone “Mono” CDs were also released.

High Time | I’ll Do Anything | Let’s Not Belong Together | Silent Film Star | Knock It Right Out | 2 Days ‘Til Tomorrow | Eyes Like Sparks | Footsteps | Kickin’ the Stall | Between Love and Like | AAA

The backstory on Stereo | Mono —  Paul was officially signed to Vagrant Records in January 2002. From (Paul Westerberg Returns In ‘Stereo’ & ‘Mono’):

Paul Westerberg has signed a multi-album deal with Los Angeles-based independent label Vagrant and will release a two-CD set April 23, Billboard exclusively reveals this week. The package will contain a single-disc Westerberg solo album, “Stereo,” featuring a collection of acoustic-leaning songs, plus an entire new album from the former Replacements leader’s punk-veering side project, Grandpaboy, titled “Mono.” Appropriately, the Westerberg album was recorded in stereo; the Grandpaboy effort in mono. Westerberg tells Billboard that the albums together will “instantly sound like the first Replacements record, and it’ll sound a lot like my last solo record.”

Westerberg says his song surplus is partially a result of being a free agent for much of the past three years. He parted ways with Capitol not long after the release of his coldly received, Don Was-produced 1999 set, “Suicaine Gratification.” “The fact that I wasn’t on a label, didn’t have a deal, [and] didn’t have the responsibility to produce anything that sounded like anything else, I was able to amass so many songs that I found myself with one big pile of quiet songs and one big pile of rock’n’roll songs.”

For more on Paul’s signing to Vagrant and the making of Stereo | Mono, read this interview with Paul, done for the Vagrant site in 2002.

Paul did a series of in-store shows and a solo tour to promote Stereo | Mono and appeared on Conan, Leno and Letterman: a full-court promotional press!

Letterman – April 29, 2002
Grandpaboy actually did theLetterman appearance, complete with greyed-out teeth and a North Korean Army hat. Though he was in the midst of the in-store tour, which was solo, he was backed here by Michael Bland and Jimmy Anton and played a rowdy, sloppy version of “Silent Film Star”. At the end of the song, when Letterman came over to shake hands, Paul took the Grandpaboy hat off his head and popped it on to Letterman’s head.

Tonight Show with Leno – June 11, 2002
Paul did “Let the Bad Times Roll” and went to the couch for a brief chat. He wore the same spray-painted suit jacket he wore at the Boston in-store appearance and that was the main topic of conversation. Wonder what the fashion-forward Olsens thought of his get-up.

Late Night with Conan – July 9, 2002
A fine performance of “We May Be The Ones”, with Paul taking a break from his spray-painted suits, glitter shoes and Grandpaboy get-up, wearing a plain denim shirt with rolled-up sleeves and jeans.

There was even a commercial made to promote the release, featuring footage from Paul’s in-store appearance at Amoba Records in L.A.

Even MORE video: A 4-part interview posted on YouTube (Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4)