New Song Posted: “Feelin’ Good”

Another song added to the Dry Wood Garage! Today’s new tune is “Feelin’ Good”.

Alternate artwork makes the message clearer:

feelin good paul westerberg

“Many thanks to John Woodland for recording Tim O’Reagan BV & Keely Lane Drum”

Slicing Up Eyeballs aptly nails the key descriptor of this song – twang! Listen: Paul Westerberg’s ‘Feelin’ Good’ on twangy new song — 3rd from mystery project

For the third Saturday in a row, Paul Westerberg has released a new song via his anonymous Soundcloud account — and this time it’s a twangy, acoustic shuffle called “Felin’ Good” that’s the most conventional of the batch of new songs he’s released over the course of this month.

The artwork accompanying the new song suggests Westerberg’s been joined by a couple local musicians: Tim O’Regan, drummer for The Jayhawks, on backing vocals, and Keely Lane, of Ol’ Yeller, on drums.

Also added to the Dry Wood Garage, this image with Paul’s initials.

pw mouse trap