Osheaga Festival, Montreal | August 3, 2014

Another festival show and another appearance by Billie Joe Armstrong. Would have been interesting had Lorde done her cover of “Swingin’ Party” when she came on after the Mats but alas, it did not happen. (Check out her cover if you haven’t heard it.  When I first heard it, I didn’t like it but it has grown on me and  I appreciate the exposure of PW to the young folks).

Osheaga 2014: Lorde, The Replacements, HAIM, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, & More – Stereogum

If there was ever a literal example of a generation gap at Osheaga, it was at around 7:30, when the headline stage area was divided between those seeing the Replacements and those much younger waiting to see Lorde, and neither were disappointed. Called self-deprecatingly by leader Paul Westerberg as, “The Cements, the world’s greatest Replacements cover band,” and featuring Billie Joe Armstrong quietly playing third guitar, the semi-reunited ‘Mats rampaged and stumbled their way through a set flown by the seat of their pants. Classic after classic was carted out: “I Will Dare,” “Bastards of Young,” “Left of the Dial,” “Alex Chilton,” “Androgynous,” “Color Me Impressed,” “Can’t Hardly Wait,” the band keeping things loose yet sober and somewhat professional, the Parrothead-dressed Westerberg and his old mate Tommy Stinson clearly enjoying themselves, drily quipping between drags on a cigarette, “So who’s on after us? Is it any good?”


Takin’ a Ride | I’m in Trouble | Favorite Thing | I’ll Be You | Nowhere Is My Home | Color Me Impressed | Bastards of Young | Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out | Achin’ to Be | Androgynous | White and Lazy | I Will Dare | Valentine | Left of the Dial | Alex Chilton | Can’t Hardly Wait | I.O.U. | Customer | I Don’t Know | Buck Hill