Replacements News is “Coming Soon”

In addition to the surprise of new music from Paul, there’s also some kind of Replacements news on the way, or so it seems. While the Mats do have social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), posts are few and far between. This was posted on Twitter and Facebook last week:

What could it be? In an article on Paul’s new music in the Star-Tribune, Chris Riemenschneider also mentioned the impending Mats news:

Coincidentally or not, the song was posted just a few days after the Replacements’ Facebook and Twitter accounts suddenly came to life after nearly two years of dormancy. Each account posted a photo of the band circa 1986, with late guitarist Bob Stinson wearing a trenchcoat (and possibly nothing else). It’s likely this is the first warning of news to come on a new — and long overdue — archive live recording series from the band. Two reasons to stay tuned now!

A live recording series would be fantastic, we’ll see what happens!

New Record?!

Edited 10:00 PM: The Tweet referenced below has been deleted, whoops! Keep staying tuned 🙂

Following yesterday’s new tune on Soundcloud, now there’s word of a new record on the way! Mastery Bridge posted a snippet of a new song, with accompanying ‘Mats-styled video.

According to their Facebook page, Mastery Bridge is:

Luthier-designed, multi-patented guitar hardware crafted in small batches in Minneapolis, MN since 2008.  Revolutionary designs made specifically to replace the OEM Fender Jazzmaster, Jaguar, Bass VI bridges and vibratos, Mustang and Bigsby-equipped Telecaster bridges, standard Telecaster and Rickenbacker bridges. All of our hardware is precision machined in Minneapolis, MN out of the highest quality, non-corrosive materials.

Paul Sighting on Instagram

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve seen Paul. It looks like the last time was March of last year, when the video for “Done, Done, Done” was posted on YouTube.  We heard Paul in April 2016, when he was interviewed about Prince by MNN but no real news or sightings since that time.

Still no news to report but we do have a sighting on Josh Freese’s Instagram! PW is modeling a t-shirt designed by Hunter Freese, Josh’s son.

My man Westerberg reppin’ a @hunterfreese T-shirt!

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