Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands | May 30, 2015

Paradiso is in a former church, with 3 huge stained glass windows, and dates back to the 19th century (thanks Wikipedia!). Definitely the most beautiful venue of this tour. If I posted nothing else about this show, this post from @misterdexyk would sum it up beautifully.

The planned set list was pretty, pretty good…

amsterdam set list re[placements

Photo by Dave Woodcock

…but the actual set list was even better, with the addition of “Skyway” and “Unsatisfied”.

Set List

Takin a Ride | I’m in Trouble | Favorite Thing | Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out | Valentine | Waitress in the Sky | Kiss Me on the Bus | Achin’ to Be | White & Lazy | Seen Your Video /Androgynous | I Will Dare | Color Me Impressed | Merry Go Round | Anywhere’s Better Than Here | Wake Up | I’ll Be You | Maybellene | I Don’t Know | Within Your Reach | Can’t Hardly Wait | Bastards of Young | My Boy Lollipop | Left of the Dial | Alex Chilton
Skyway | Unsatisfied | Nevermind | I.O.U.

Thanks to YouTuber likeahurricane for posting so many excellent videos from the show. The entire playlist is here and includes “Androgynous”, “Color Me Impressed”, “Nevermind”, “Within Your Reach”, and on and on. A couple of favorites:

At the end of “Valentine”, Paul points up to the balcony to his sister, “the original Waitress in the Sky”.

You have to head over to Facebook to watch this video of “Unsatisfied”…it’s worth it. In this setting, it qualifies at least a quasi-religious experience.

Matt Tomich of the Skyway provided a set list from the show, along with what guitars they were playing – guitar nerd heaven! Any mistakes below are almost certainly mine in copying the info

· [Paul: red SG P90 Junior/Dave: black Les Paul]
Takin’ A Ride
I’m In Trouble
Favorite Thing
Careless (about 20 seconds worth)
Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out/Third Stone From the Sun

· [Paul: wood grain Telecaster Deluxe w/F hole/Dave: black Les Paul]
(Paul points out his sister in the balcony)
Waitress in the Sky

· [Paul: Harmonica/Dave: black Les Paul]
White and Lazy

· [Paul: orange Axl Bel Air/Dave: white telecaster]
Kiss Me On The Bus
Achin’ To Be
(Seen Your Video)/Androgynous (At first simultaneously, then all played Androgynous)
I Will Dare

· [Paul: orange Axl Bel Air/Dave: black Les Paul]
Color Me Impressed

· [Paul: sunburst Les Paul Junior, probably the same one in the Merry Go Round video/Dave: black Les Paul]
Merry Go Round
Anywhere Is Better Than Here

· [Paul: ES335 hollowbody/Dave: black Les Paul]
I’ll Be You
I Don’t Know w/Buck Hill
Within Your Reach
Can’t Hardly Wait
Bastards of Young

· [Paul: Dan Armstrong Lucite guitar/Dave: black Les Paul]
Left of the Dial
Alex Chilton

· [Paul: Gretsch 12 string/Dave: black Les Paul]
Skyway (Paul solo)

· [Paul: Les Paul/Dave: black Les Paul]
Nevermind (Paul to Tommy: “This is a song I wrote about your brother!”)

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