Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR | April 10, 2015

“It’s too late to turn back, here we go, Portland.”

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The Oregonian’s review is titled “The Replacements’ comeback triumphs at Crystal Ballroom”:

At the Crystal Ballroom on Friday night, the band, on the second night of its first proper tour in decades, found redemption. The Replacements’ best songs tap deeply into the mainline of desire that has always fueled rock: for love, for satisfaction gotten, for anywhere or any time, as Paul Westerberg sings on “I Will Dare.” He bellowed that one at the Crystal among over two dozen songs, snippets and moments of silliness: a blues interlude about going to Whole Foods, for one. It’s been a long time since 1987, and though Westerberg and bassist Tommy Stinson, the quartet’s remaining founders, played at antagonism — one volley of unwanted requests was met with the “Green Acres” theme song — there was never any real danger of the band falling too far from the set list taped to the stage at their feet.

Here are a few pictures from The Oregonian by David Greenwald, visit their site to view more photos from the show. In Seattle, Paul wore a shirt with “I” painted on the front and “N” on the back; in Portland, it was “H” on front and “O” on the back. We will continue to monitor the situation as the spelling continues in San Francisco on Monday 😉

replacements portland set list  

Thanks again to Elaine Pan (who also snapped the Seattle set list) for this photo of the Portland list. “Sweet Jane” would have been something but alas, it didn’t actually make it into the show – here’s the actual set list via Seltlist.FM and various online reports.

Set List

Takin’ a Ride | Favorite Thing | Hangin’ Downtown | Whole Foods Blues | Hangin’ Downtown (reprise) | I Don’t Know/Buck Hill | I’m in Trouble | Kissin’ in Action/Iron Man | Little Mascara | Green Acres (Dave singing the Eva Gabor parts: “Darling I love you but give me Park Avenue”) | Talent Show/Portland/Nowhere is my Home | I Will Dare | 20th Century Boy/Bang a Gong (Get It on)/All Shook Down | Anywhere’s Better Than Here | White and Lazy | I’ll Be You | Sixteen Blue | The Ledge | Achin’ To Be | Within Your Reach | Can’t Hardly Wait | Bastards of Young | My Boy Lollipop
Skyway | If Only You Were Lonely | Left of the Dial | Alex Chilton
Encore 2:

A couple of reports from folks on the message board who attended both Seattle and Portland:
Skvolcanoes said:

“I just got home. Liked it better than the Seattle show last night (went to both). I haven’t read other people’s comments on the Seattle show. This one seemed to be much better although I can’t really put my finger on why exactly. There was a made up blues song about going to Whole Foods that I heard Whole Foods re-tweeted when they heard about it. The song didn’t like the customer service Paul got (but Whole Foods probably hadn’t heard the words when they re-tweeted). Talent Show melded with Portland which led into a short bit of Nowhere Is My Home. Alex Chilton appeared to be the closer. The house lights came up while people were yelling and stomping their feet. They came back out and played I.O.U. with the stage lights down for the first part of the song. I’m guessing they were done and then changed their mind. Some people had bailed (too bad for them). The Whole Foods song talked about getting a protein shake to keep his girlish figure and then the punch line wishing it was pure liquor. Then, there was a line about getting nuts and fruits (a big pile . . . can’t remember how that verse ended). There were some lyrics about the bad customer service he got. Paul made a comment about how much better the crowd was than Seattle (and the mentioned that maybe he was just in a better mood). Again . . . can’t put my finger on why exactly seemed like a better show to me (and I was pretty beat tonight after driving to Seattle and back yesterday).”

Dave B. said:

“The crowd in Portland was much livelier than Seattle (and earned a second encore). Paul was having some technical difficulties with his monitor and breaking a string on a guitar (the Portland curse?), but he held it together (though he didn’t always seem pleased). Someone kept throwing Voo Doo Doughnuts on stage at Tommy late in the show, and he picked one up and took a bite out of it. Someone else threw some records (45s) on stage at the end of the regular set (presumably for the band to sign), and Tommy broke them all to bits. At one point during the set Paul asked if the crowd wanted to hear Merry Go Round. When the audience was slow to respond he said something to the effect of “Ok, I can take the hint.” People kept requesting covers (Black Diamond, Daydream Believer) and Paul said if the crowd kept that up the band would play nothing but blues. Green Acres Theme was played when more people were yelling out requests.”

Portland institution Voodoo Doughnuts made thise awesome Mats donut to celebrate last night’s show.

Two beautiful shots from the show by Dangerehren Photography.