Primavera Sound, Barcelona, Spain | May 28, 2015

the replacements barcelona

Photo by Matt Tomich

The Mats delivered a blazing show in Barcelona, no time for the slow stuff when you only have an hour to play!

Set List

Takin a Ride | I’m in Trouble | Favorite Thing | Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out | Valentine | Waitress in the Sky | Kiss Me on the Bus | Achin’ to Be | I Will Dare | I Want You Back | Color Me Impressed | Maybellene | | Can’t Hardly Wait | Bastards of Young | My Boy Lollipop | | Love Will Tear Us Apart | Left of the Dial | Alex Chilton
Nevermind | I.O.U.

Thanks to Matt Tomich of The Skyway for sharing some amazing pictures. Read read Matt’s review here, this was my favorite part, it really captures what sounds like an absolutely thrilling and triumphant night for band and fans:

They came on spitting fire – and in the words of Paul Broadhead who also had seen the hometown show at Midway Stadium, by comparison it was “an hour long fucking riot”. All the songs were the power numbers, the full-on rock set. Not even Unsatisfied or Swinging Party.The few songs in the set that normally were of introspective indecision – I Will Dare, Bastards of Young, Nevermind – were played and shouted by the crowd like triumphant anthems.

The truth is, I’d argue this is a better show and set list than any other time you could have seen the band from 1980 to 1991. You could see a more chaotic Replacements, a rowdier one, a louder one, one with the late great Bob Stinson or the celebrated artist Chris Mars – or one more hopeful for the future, that this album or tour might finally be breakthrough they deserve. But if you are in love with the *songs* and seeing the band get the gratitude they deserve, then this is it: this is Replacements heaven. And in Spain, the band probably expected nothing, and they looked visibly shocked and amazed and buoyant at the jubilant reaction they got, an ocean away from home. They played with the focus and enthusiasm like they knew that these moments in any life are finite in number. If there was ever a success that the band half-heartedly chased, I don’t know what you could ever hope for more than this.

“Takin’ A Ride” is basically ridiculous, Paul looks and sounds 24 years old, not 54.

“Takin’ a Ride” video by Mark Flaix

“Valentine” video by Mark Flaix

“Kiss Me On The Bus” video by LiveManiacs. Watch for Paul ‘translating’ the song title at the beginning.

Photos by Matt Tomich and Xavier Mercadé

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