Primavera Sound, Porto, Portugal | June 5, 2015

As covered in this post, the reports from the show focused on Paul’s comment about this being the last time they were ever going to play together (or something to that effect). If this was the last show ever for this incarnation of the Mats, they went out with a darn good set list. (Any set list that includes “Nowhere Is My Home” gets a thumb’s up from me).

Set List

Takin a Ride | Favorite Thing | Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out | Take Me Down to the Hospital | Little Mascara | I’m in Trouble | Waitress in the Sky | Valentine | Kiss Me on the Bus | Nowhere Is My Home | Androgynous | I Will Dare | I’ll Be You | The Ledge | Maybellene | Customer | Nevermind | Can’t Hardly Wait | Bastards of Young | My Boy Lollipop
20th Century Boy | If Only You Were Lonely | Left of the Dial | Alex Chilton

Thanks to Miguel Neves for posting several great videos which show that this was the closest to the Mats of old in terms of attitude, witness Paul and Tommy cracking up during “I’ll Be You” (“You be me for awhile”…laughter…”fuck you”). Paul and Tommy also switched instruments for a few songs.

I’ll Be You (“If I was from Canada, then I’d be like Neil Young”)

Shirt Watch #20 is here. (Bela?)