Primavera Sound, Portugal – Replacements Over?

All news about the actual set played last night has been completely overshadowed by a story initially posted by Pitchfork and then picked up by many other outlets:
Paul Westerberg Says The Replacements Just Played Their Final Show

During the band’s performance at Primavera Porto today, The Replacements’ Paul Westerberg announced that this would be the last time that the band plays together. After saying that the band stayed at the hotel instead of coming in for sound check, he also reportedly said “lazy bastards to the end” and smashed his guitar.

It’s also being reported as the band “splitting up” as in this article by The Guardian, The Replacements split..again:

Paul Westerberg, the band’s leader, announced from the stage at Primavera Porto on Friday that it would be their final show together. He also observed that the rest of the band had stayed at their hotel rather than soundchecking, calling them “lazy bastards to the end”.

Speaking to the Guardian’s Michael Hann earlier this year for a feature on the band, Westerberg seemed ambivalent about the current iteration of the Replacements, suggesting Stinson gained more enjoyment from their reunion than he did. “He went away and played in another group for so many years and wasn’t playing these songs, while these are my tunes and I’ve been playing a good handful of them forever,” Westerberg said. “So it’s not quite as new for me to play I Will Dare or whatever.”

He also said he found it hard to work in a group again. “It’s difficult to work alone for years and then have to be part of a diplomatic process,” he said. He also said there was no financial imperative for him to play with the Replacements, despite the big crowds they have been drawing. “As it plays out now, there’s a lot of money being generated, yet there’s a big staff and equipment and trucks and buses. I could make more money with an acoustic guitar on my own, travelling in a car without having a bunch of people to pay.”

Though there had been reports that they had been working on an album, both Westerberg and Stinson ruled out the possibility of an album when speaking to the Guardian.

The Guardian feature on the band they reference ran in May but neither the quote from Paul about it being more profitable for him to tour solo (DO IT DO IT DO IT) or the bit about Paul and Tommy having “ruled out” the possibility of an album were included in the May article.

I have no clue what’s going on and I don’t think anyone writing these articles does either. Paul said something on stage, there are no additional tour dates scheduled and that’s all we know for sure. I could link to 20 articles on this, but they are all-rehashing the Pitchfork story. More to come on the show itself, including the denouement of Paul’s Shirt.