PW Interview: Bucketfull of Brains

After the second Replacements show in London on June 3, Paul was interviewed by Simon Wright for the U.K. magazine, Bucketfull of Brains – an interview with Paul was a rarity during the reunion shows. Simon also kindly posted the interview and extensive feature story on his blog, Only Rock ‘n’ Roll. He also DJ’ed the Mats shows in London, and shared his perfect playlists, crafted with the Mats in mind, Playing Records for The Replacements @ the Roundhouse.

I found this bit about Letterman fascinating, I can’t believe he turned it down!

Noticeably absent from both London gigs was fan-fave ‘Here Comes A Regular’. How come? “It’s too many words. I monkeyed with it a few weeks ago, I was asked to do Dave Letterman’s farewell programme and they wanted that song but it’s a long way to go for a maudlin drinking song and I didn’t have the patience to remember it.”

Westerberg’s notorious inability to remember his own lyrics means that the first couple of rows at a Replacements gig are frequently required to act as a human teleprompter. Manager Darren thinks Paul pretends to forget lyrics on purpose – it means that no matter how crisply and powerfully the band perform they can never be accused of being too slick.

Do songs drift in and out of relevance with you? “Yes. Playing something like ‘Unsatisfied’ now could be an act but I know that people want to hear it so I’ll mean it while I’m playing it, and then be able to put it down. But a lot of songs from that era were lived, and then written so some of the memories take me down a bit of black hole.”

Westerberg Bucketfull of Brains