Remembering Ross (Roscoe) Shoemaker

Ross Shoemaker, known by his friends as Roscoe, was killed in a car accident in Broken Arrow, OK last night.

Roscoe was the manager of the Bowery in Oklahoma City in November 1984 and he taped the now infamous show that became “The Shit Hits the Fans”. From Rolling Stone, which place TSHF as #50 on its list of the 50 Greatest Live Albums of All Time:

A pre-sobriety Paul Westerberg, Chris Mars and Bob and Tommy Stinson alternate between the best and worst bar band of all time on Twin/Tone’s cassette-only The Shit Hits the Fans. Recorded with two hanging mics at Oklahoma City’s converted church venue the Bowery in 1984, these 24 songs (19 of which are covers) are a lubricated mix of blues, metal, soul and spilled-beer wankery. “I asked Paul or somebody if he minded that I record the show,” Bowery manager and DJ Roscoe Shoemaker recalled in the Replacements oral history All Over But the Shouting. “‘Why? We suck.’ Typical Westy response.”

This is a lovely piece by Michael Corcoran called “RIP Roscoe: Death of a Fan” that celebrates Roscoe and his love of music.

If you can live a life like Ross Shoemaker did, so full of love and enthusiasm, you will have a great one. It will be a real life of ups and downs, deep sorrows and bursts of euphoria. A life that touches many.

“Alex Chilton” is a song about being a fan. I’m playing it for Roscoe now and it’s never sounded sadder. This is gonna take some time.

Deepest sympathy to Roscoe’s friends and family on their loss.


Remembering Ross (Roscoe) Shoemaker — 2 Comments

  1. i met ross in 1990 when i was doing a promotional tour for my first island release. he was working for polygram/island at the time out of austin. he was fun, enthusiastic, and showed me around all the cool places. it was 20 or so years later that he found me on facebook. i was in the process of working on a new record i was making myself and he was the first person i sent roughs because i knew that he would be honest and supportive. he got me through lots of self doubt and tried to help me by getting my cd to others. he was a one man cheerleading squad and i will always think of him as a tremendous gift.

  2. I met Ross about 2 and a half years ago. We both attended the same hang out and would talk.
    He was genuinely a wonderful person and was always willing to help out any way he could.
    I will miss him

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