Replacements Reunion DVD “Likely”!

“Is the Replacements’ 2014 reunion making up for a career of meager paydays?” asks MinnPost in a story (including some quotes from Darren Hill) about the potential revenue from the reunion.

How much money is the reunion raking in? Was the Replacements’ September concert at Midway Stadium the most lucrative venture the band ever engaged in? “That’s confidential,” says Hill.

MinnPost estimated ticket sales alone for the Midway show grossed $700,000 and then there is the merchandise:

“It’s been doing very well,” Hill says of merchandise sales. “That [St. Paul] show in particular was extraordinary.”

Which is all very interesting, but here’s the real takeaway from this article (emphasis mine):

There’s more product in the pipeline, including a likely live DVD. “We’ve been filming and documenting the shows since the comeback,” says Hill. He notes that the band might “quite possibly” do more concerts in 2015 and allows “there will be a new recording of some sort at some point.”

That’s a lot to look forward to, even with the “likely” and “quite possibly” qualifiers.