RiotFest Chicago | September 15, 2013

Riotfest chicago Replacements
The weather was a little frightful, as you can see from the gloomy view of soundcheck above. But a little (or a lot) of rain is not going to be an obstacle for folks who waited 22 years to see The Replacements play Chicago again. And the rainy weekend finally let up during the Mat set. This show got a lot of press as well, but you really only need to read one review: “The Replacements’ Rapturous Return: Two (Very Different) Takes From One Critic” by Steven Hyden on Grantland’s excellent Hollywood Prospectus blog. He writes actually writes two reviews, one as a dispassionate professional reviewer person and one as a giddy fan boy. This is my favorite thing written so far about the reunion:

“I can’t believe how good they sounded. Paul Westerberg looks like he’s been swimming 100 laps a day and sounds like he’s been swimming those laps while smoking a carton of cigarettes. Tommy Stinson appears fully prepared to assume the role of Keith Richards if Keith ever kicks it. They were incredible to hear and magnificent to look at.


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