RiotFest Denver | September 21, 2013

RiotFest Denver Praire skirts
That picture tells a story, don’t it? (photo credit Shecky Kim) I made the trip to Denver (actually, May Farms in Byers, 40 miles east of Denver) and nothing quite prepared me for the venue – a massive expanse of flat, dry, dusty land. Hot when the sun was out, and COLD as soon as it set. Unspeakable port-a-potties. Ungodly lines for food and beverages. By the time the Mats came on at 10:30PM, I was covered in dust, freezing and cranky…and then they walked out in their skirts and hats and that moment alone made everything worth it. It was ON from the moment they took the stage and it never let up.

Replacements get the last laugh at Denver Riotfest – Tim Campbell, The Star-Tribune

“As the world-weary lounge anthem “That’s Life” played over the speakers, they took the stage in blaze-orange cowboy hats, plaid western shirts and pink cowgirl skirts, purchased at a Western-wear store in Denver. Somewhere Bob Stinson, their late tutu-wearing guitarist, was smiling.”

The get-ups were purchased at Rockmount Ranch Wear in Denver, and they have an album of pictures from the show on their Facebook site.

The finale was a big old mess of a thing, with Paul on drums, Tommy on guitar and Josh on bass and all kinds of shenanigans, i.e. it was perfect.


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