The Riviera Theatre, Chicago, IL | April 29, 2015

This was the first of two (rapidly) sold-out shows in Chicago and the plaid suits were busted out for the occasion.

night 1 Chicago replacements

Photo by Daryl P. Brothers

No big surprises on the set list, though there was a very brief attempt at “Rattlesnake”, which was a first for the reunion shows.

Paul’s set list from last night. They stuck to it…sorta. #thereplacements

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Set List

I’m in Trouble | Kissin’ in Action | Little Mascara | Color Me Impressed | Treatment Bound | Take Me Down to the Hospital | Waitress in the Sky | Valentine | Achin’ to Be | Kiss Me on the Bus | Rattlesnake | Nobody | Whole Foods Blues | I Will Dare | My Boy Lollipop | Sixteen Blue | The Ledge | I’ll Be You | Can’t Hardly Wait | Bastards of Young | 20th Century Boy / Bang a Gong (Get It On) | Anywhere Is Better Than Here | Left of the Dial | If Only You Were Lonely | Alex Chilton

Visit The Line of Best Fit for a beautiful photo gallery by Kirstie Shanley, including this one:
replacements chicago night 1

“Replacements still a mess, but a mischief-filled one” says The Chicago Tribune:

Make no mistake, by most standards the show was a bit of a mess, full of missed cues, flubbed lines and plenty of fooling around. Westerberg conspicuously avoided nearly all of his most heartfelt ballads, and he and the band gleefully sabotaged some of their most popular tracks, kicking “I Will Dare” into double time or tacking on a taste of the bubblegum ditty “My Boy Lollipop” to the end of an otherwise blazing “Bastards of Young.” The airtight “Left of the Dial” and heavy “The Ledge” were balanced by loose renditions of lighter fare like “Waitress in the Sky” and “Kiss Me on the Bus,” all to the band’s mischievous delight. A new song, “Whole Foods Blues,” was as much a goof as a truncated T. Rex medley.

Yet if Westerberg and Stinson didn’t want to be doing this, they clearly wouldn’t. Anchored by unflappable session drummer Josh Freese and enabled by guitarist Dave Minehan, the pair were having a blast, every indulgence and detour tempered by the fact that they were still singing and playing their hearts out.

YouTube poster Seijinlee posted 7 videos from the show, excellent quality and sound. Here’s “Treatment Bound” and “Take Me To the Hospital”, with a playlist for all 7 videos included.

Shirt Watch, Show 8.
paul's shirt message

Front message: I HAVE ALW
Back message: NOW I MUST