Flashback Tuesday: Paul @ Scala, London | Oct. 19, 2004

The Replacements play London tonight so here’s a look back at the last time Paul played London. He did a solo show at Scala on Oct. 19, 2004.

Set List

Waiting For Somebody | Final Hurrah | My Dad | Another Girl, Another Planet | Let The Bad Times Roll | Valentine | Born For Me | High Time | If Only You Were Lonely | Crackle and Drag | Lush And Green | Sadly Beautiful | First Glimmer | I Will Dare | Knockin On Mine | Alex Chilton | Mr. Rabbit | Left Of The Dial | Swingin Party | Love Untold | Skyway | Here Comes A Regular
Can’t Hardly Wait | Customer (partial) | Kentucky Rain (partial)

Thanks to Peter Munro for these videos of the sing-along portion of the show.

“Here Comes A Regular”


And some pictures from the night (sorry to those who sent in these photos, I’ve lost the photo credit info over the years).