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Songs For Slim


From the Songs For Slim website:

On February 19th, 2012 former Replacements guitarist Slim Dunlap was hospitalized due to a massive right brain stroke. Insurance does not pay for long term care and the general prognosis for Slim is that he will need around-the-clock care for the rest of his life. He needs our help.

Songs For Slim is a non-profit project that raises money for Slim and his family by having various artists cover songs from his solo works. All proceeds go towards assisting Slim and his family with the significant expenses related towards his long term care.

In October 2012, Paul and Tommy got together to record for this project, with  Peter Anderson on drums and Kevin Bowe (who toured with Paul in 2004-2005) on guitar.

The initial Songs for Slim release was a 5-song Replacements EP. 250 copies of the limited edition 10-inch vinyl EP were auctioned off in January 2013, raising over $100,000. In addition to 4 cover songs recorded by Paul, Tommy, Peter and Kevin, the EP included a cover of Slim’s “Radio Hook Word Hit” by Chris Mars.

Side A:
1. “Busted Up” (Slim Dunlap)
2. “Radio Hook Word Hit” (Slim Dunlap) performed by Chris Mars

Side B:
1. “I’m Not Sayin'” (Gordon Lightfoot)
2. “Lost Highway” (Leon Payne)
3. “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” (Stephen Sondheim/Jule Styne)

Paul and Chris signing the EPs.

Paul and Chris signing the EPs.

The EP featured artwork by Chris Mars and the limited edition also included:
• Cover autographed by Paul Westerberg, Tommy Stinson & Chris Mars
• 4 band photos
• Collectors’ poster of Slim
• Print of the full Chris Mars cover painting on the inner sleeve

A 12-inch red vinyl commercial version (same songs as the 10″ version but without the extras) was released on April 16, 2013 and sold out.  All tracks are still available as digital downloads and on the compilation CD “Songs for Slim: Rockin’ Here Tonight”, which includes tracks from many great artists: Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams, Jeff Tweedy, You Am I, Soul Asylum, Joe Henry and so many more. The Songs for Slim store also has Replacements Songs for Slim t-shirts.