Summer’s End Festival | Sept. 27, 2014

The Mats played the Summer Ends Festival in Tempe on Saturday night, sort of. The festival was scheduled for outdoors but the area was hit by a major rain storm and the venue was shut down Saturday afternoon by the city. Kudos to the festival organizers and bands for coming up with a Plan B because what a plan it was! The festival, with a reduced number of bands, was moved indoors to the Marquee Theater at 7pm, which holds around 1,500-1,700 people. The Mats went on last at around 11:30pm, to a crowd estimated to be about 1,000 – their first theater show since 1991. They played for about 80-85 minutes. Oh and Tommy dressed as a Teletubby (specifically Po). As you do.

Replacements in Tempe 2014

View the set list here – it includes reunion show premieres of “Little Mascara” and “Another Girl, Another Planet”. By all accounts, it was quite a spectacular show: Summer Ends Music Festival Day 2 – Storm of the Century vs The Replacements – Phoenix NewTimes “When Descendents concluded, there was small exodus of folks who left the Marquee, and boy, did those folks who bailed early miss out on perhaps the best rock and roll show the Phoenix area has seen in a long time. After a lengthy tuning up period, The Replacements finally took the stage and immediately began an onslaught which brought the joyous crowd to a heightened state of euphoria.” Review: Replacements’ first club show in 20-odd years – The Arizona Republic “In the end, it was everything a Replacements fan had any right to hope for after all that time away, from the playful rapport still very much in evidence between Stinson and Westerberg to the ramshackle charm of the loose but spirited performances — just sloppy enough to be better than perfect. And the silliness never felt forced, which is not often said for a rock show that features a man in a Teletubbies costume.” Thanks as always to those who take videos at the show and upload it so quickly for the rest of us to enjoy.

“If Only You Were Lonely” & “Achin’ to Be”

Paul’s mic doesn’t work for most of this but the crowd fills in nicely until it does.


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