Westerberg-Adjacent News

In the absence of PW news at the moment, I’ve gathered up some Westerberg-adjacent items you might find of interest. • Tommy is busy, busy, busy as always. Keep up with his many projects on his FB page. He just announced new Bash & Pop tour dates in May. He’s done quite a few interviews in support of the new B&P record, “Anything Can Happen”, including this one with Rolling Stone: “How … Read more →

Bits + Pieces: Dad Rock on The Replacements; You Am I; Win Stuff!

You Am I

• This week’s episode of USA Today’s Dad Rock (ugh, that term) podcast focused on The Replacements: In 1989, Musician magazine (then a fairly important tastemaker) declared the Replacements “the last, best band of the 80s.” (Color them impressed.) That cover piece reportedly prompted Jon Bon Jovi to write the publication in protest: “How can the Replacements be the best band of the 80s when I’ve never even heard of … Read more →

Bits + Pieces: Listen to The Sinclair Show; Band’s Day Off

Bradley’s Almanac, a Boston music blog, posted a great overview of The Sinclair show, including audio of the entire show. He nails the anxiety and ticket frenzy that led up to the show:  “There was bitchin’, there was beggin’, there was resignation and self-righteousness. The Craigslist “TICKETS WANTED!” posts piled up, along with Facebook event page pleading, with offers of favors, cash, and eternal gratitude.” See his Flickr album for show … Read more →

Bits + Pieces: L.A.

• Live Review: The Replacements at the Hollywood Palladium (4/16) – Philip Cosores, Consequence of Sound (Show photos) “Valentine” saw the band gel into a loose and beaming unit, creating a state of euphoria in the audience. Even Stinson noticed, chiming in that they had “finally gotten that one right after a year of practice.” And while Westerberg still needed a few smokes to get through the set, he didn’t … Read more →

Bits + Pieces: Seattle and Portland

gary's donut

Try as I might, I could not figure out a way to embed Facebook videos into this page. Which is too bad because there are two excellent videos from the Portland show taken by Pat Moriarity you need to see. Here are the links to watch them on FB: • Whole Food Blues – The improvised blues number about Paul’s unsatisfying visit to Whole Foods for a chocolate protein shake … Read more →