“Trouble Boys”: Upcoming Events

trouble boys

Here’s the full list of Bob Mehr’s upcoming rock and reading for “Trouble Boys”, including appearances with Dave Minehan and Josh Freese. Some details still to come for the West Coast dates. May 31 – Boston @ 7PM | Cafe 939 (Berklee) A conversation with Dave Minehan and Bob Mehr. The event is free but you do need to reserve tickets. June 3 – Philadelphia @ 7PM | Main Street … Read more →

Boston Groupie News: David Minehan Interview

Boston Groupie News posted a wide-ranging interview with David Minehan, including his work with Paul (solo) and with The Replacements. David has had a long and fascinating career (so far, it’s still going!) and it’s a great read, even without the PW-related stuff. That said….let’s get to some of the PW-related stuff 🙂 On the “final show” in Portugal: David: Right, that last thing in Portugal, you know four weeks … Read more →

Bits + Pieces: Listen to The Sinclair Show; Band’s Day Off

Bradley’s Almanac, a Boston music blog, posted a great overview of The Sinclair show, including audio of the entire show. He nails the anxiety and ticket frenzy that led up to the show:  “There was bitchin’, there was beggin’, there was resignation and self-righteousness. The Craigslist “TICKETS WANTED!” posts piled up, along with Facebook event page pleading, with offers of favors, cash, and eternal gratitude.” See his Flickr album for show … Read more →

Replacements @ Wooly Mammoth Sound

paul westerberg harmonica

This image was posted by Josh Freese in the wee hours last night: “Westerberg on harmonica. Crackers w/hot sauce for dinner. Cigarettes for dessert.” Crackers and cigarettes, a lousy dinner. Turns out the band was at Wooly Mammoth Sound in Boston, the recording studio owned by Dave Minehan. That can’t be anything but good news! … Read more →