Dry Wood Garage: Two For Saturday

dead sick of paul westerberg

It’s Two For Saturday at the Dry Wood Garage, with two new songs posted! First up is a PW original, “Dead Sick Of” and that’s ‘backed with’ a cover of Hank Williams’ “Someday You’ll Call My Name” (includes artwork of a gorgeous doggo, 14/10, would boop.) New PW selfie added to the Garage, which now includes an Ahhht section.   … Read more →

New Song Posted: “Feelin’ Good”

Another song added to the Dry Wood Garage! Today’s new tune is “Feelin’ Good”.   Alternate artwork makes the message clearer: “Many thanks to John Woodland for recording Tim O’Reagan BV & Keely Lane Drum” Slicing Up Eyeballs aptly nails the key descriptor of this song – twang! Listen: Paul Westerberg’s ‘Feelin’ Good’ on twangy new song — 3rd from mystery project For the third Saturday in a row, Paul … Read more →

New Record?!

Edited 10:00 PM: The Tweet referenced below has been deleted, whoops! Keep staying tuned 🙂 Following yesterday’s new tune on Soundcloud, now there’s word of a new record on the way! Mastery Bridge posted a snippet of a new song, with accompanying ‘Mats-styled video. Paul Westerberg is coming out with a new record that we made in our basements. #madeinminneapolis https://t.co/ccCB3VrzHK pic.twitter.com/8byZCd5l6B — Mastery Bridge (@MasteryBridge) July 10, 2017 According … Read more →